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March 01 2010

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Take a look at the amount of fingers he puts up!
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February 26 2010

I just discovered this site called 'it made my day' (http://itmademyday.com/). Here are some moments of win for you guys!

Have fun reading!

Driving to school today, I saw a big van parked in front of a building. The van was labeled "A-Team construction".

When I was in the bathroom at a concert, the tags on the wall said: Guys, please put down the seat when you’re finished. Underneath that someone wrote: ‘be glad that we put it up in the first place’ IMMD

I was out riding around with my parents yesterday when I saw a Weight Watchers building right next to Guido’s Chicago Hot Dogs. IMMD

I was trying to wipe my 2 year old son’s nose when he cried "NO! NOT MY BOOGERS!" IMMD.

I sent my fiance a IM of I Love you. He promptly replied with STALKER! IMMD

Today I realized that my black graduation gown and maroon/gold masters hood can double as a Gryffindor costume. IMMD

Saw a woman smoking in her car with the window cracked a few inches. A snow plow drove by and shot a stream of snow and dirt right in her window…putting out the cigarette. Had to pull over to LMFAO. IMMD

My mother, who is a very modest lady, finally uploaded a photo of herself on Facebook. It was of her at age 23, when she worked as a model. She looked at me and said "What? I was hot!" IMMD!

My teamembers on Mario Kart Online Battle were ladygaga and darthvader. IMMD.

I just watched an episode of Dr. Phil specializing on addictions.. What was the Addiction topic today?… Farmville. IMMD

February 25 2010

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February 23 2010

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This is an image full of win!
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Oh god, win!
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Crazy line-up!

Sponsor me some money for tickets please? :P
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February 22 2010

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'The best of Brick Tamland' uit de geniale film 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy'

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